UV Water Treatment

UV-C technology is widely used for water treatment and purification. Light Progress's well, spring, public water, UV-C water systems are trusted by thousands of companies to purify water confidently.  Our proprietary product range is widely used for residential applications as well as in various professional and industrial environments, consistently providing high levels of quality and water safety since 1987.


Our UVGI systems destroy bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, molds and mites, without creating resistant strains as traditional chemical disinfectants and antibiotics usually do.


Our products are entirely made in Italy, using top-of-the-line materials. With decades of design-experience, our products optimize the best performance of sterilization with ease of use. Devices do not require any maintenance even if you use them 24/7, you just need to replace the lamps once a year.


Our range is vast and detail oriented so there's a solution for every space. They are also built to work in freezing, high temperature, humid and dry conditions, while still remaining incredibly low on energy use.


UV-C treatment does not alter taste, color and pH, nor modifies the content of mineral salts naturally dissolved in water. The water is good but also safe to drink.


Our systems works 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week. With the control board you can always check and monitor the correct operation, at any time.

Light Progress offers you real solutions for all microbial issues.

We turn simple UV-C sources, such as low-pressure lamps, medium pressure lamps, amalgam lamps and LEDs into special devices and systems, All our products are designed by specialists who spend time in the field, so our UV-C products are specific to be applied in different industry or residential contexts ensuring the efficacy, simpleness, and safety for both patients and employees. As a result, we have hundreds of water sterilizing products to create perfect solutions for every space.

Drinking water

UV-C water purification is strongly recommended for all sources of supply, such as well water, spring water, and aqueducts.

And though many try to maintain high purification standards, the quality of water that comes out of our taps is not always the same. In fact, it undergoes continuous changes that can affect its quality.

Well or spring water can undergo microbiological pollution due to infiltrations or even after rains and thunderstorms, while aqueduct water can be compromised when there are changes in chlorine administration or because aging of hydraulic distribution lines produces contaminants that are transported all along the piping to the point of use.

Traditional chemical disinfection isn't 100% effective. For example, chlorine does not work against Cryptosporidium and Giardia, and has a limited effect on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. On top of that,  it changes the taste and smell of the water in an unpleasant way and leaves by-product residues that are dangerous to your health.

When water is purified, there must be systems in place to remove all sorts of potential contaminants:

  • iron and manganese present in the water
  • hydrogen sulfide present in the slopes or in volcanic areas
  • sulfates present in deep waters and in areas with thermal activity
  • heavy metals, such as antimony, arsenic, lead, originating from industrial discharges
  • organic micropollutants such as hydrocarbons, pesticides, and solvents
  • ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, etc.

In addition, the untreated waters also contain forms of microbiological life such as:

  • plankton
  • fungi
  • protozoa
  • trivial and pathogenic bacteria
  • viruses, such as giardia, salmonella and E.coli

Our UVC systems is a all-around solution for the disinfection of water and treatment of all these elements, guaranteeing the maintenance of the organoleptic characteristics of the water.

Light Progress products eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and all other microorganisms, including those that resist chlorine without altering the taste and smell of the water, and allows you to be sure of the water you drink.

Light Progress products are the most effective solutions for water purification because:

  • There are no chemical agents to handle or manage that could put employees at risk, meaning it's incredibly safe.
  • Our products are immediately effective and fast-acting
  • Low implementation and operating costs
  • They are environmentally friendly.  There are no by-products created by the disinfection process and therefore no waste or residues to be disposed of
  • They do not change the state, the taste, the smell of the treated water, and it is impossible to have an "overdose" (like with chlorine for example, which is easily overused)
  • They do not remove or alter any of the minerals in the water and therefore maintains its natural and beneficial characteristics, such as taste
  • They are designed to be very low maintenance, compared to traditional  processes
  • They are systems-compatible with all the other water treatment methods such as filtration, softening, dechlorination with activated carbon

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide a free consultation based on the specifications of your water supply.

Tips for purchasing, installing, and maintaining UV-C systems

Maintenance program

The periodic maintenance program for Light Progress UV-C  water treatments systems consists of:

  • Change of lamps, about once a year.
  • Quartz replacement every 2 - 3 lamp changes; not mandatory, but recommended.
  • Periodic check of the cleanliness of the system, quartz, and UV lamps, especially with particularly turbid waters, rich in salts or with a high degree of hardness.

System installation

The figure shows a typical installation method for the UV-WATER systems. We typically recommend using pre-treatment filter (figure F) before the UV system, followed by the bypass (figure C) so water can be diverted in the case of an emergency.

UV-WATER allows the replacement of the UV lamp without removing the quartz, so you don't turn off the water and empty the sterilizer during the annual maintenance.

System Legend:

A: Inlet sampling valve, so you can sample water before it enters the chamber.
B: Shut-off valve, this need to be closed odd if the appliance needs to be serviced.
C: Bypass shut-off valve, this supplies emergency water if the UV-WATER system is not available or not used. Must be closed to use the UV-WATER device.
D: Outlet sampling valve, this allows the sampling of the water coming out of the UV radiation chamber, for analysis to confirm that the treated water is of high quality.
E: Irradiation chamber: made of mirror-polished AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 on request) both outside and inside, a feature that ensures better reflection of UVC radiation, increasing the effectiveness of the system. The stainless steel chamber is crossed longitudinally by a pure quartz sheath which contains the UVC tube; quartz has the function of isolating the UVC lamp and is transparent to ultraviolet rays, which radiate water by disinfecting it.
F: Pretreatment filter: In order for the UV-WATER system to work at it's best, the water that reaches the radiation chamber must meet certain quality parameters.

The pretreatment equipment must be installed before the UV chamber, and can be composed of one or more of the following elements: sediment filters; carbon filters; iron removal systems; water softeners; cyst reduction filters, etc, to meet the following minimum characteristics:

  • Iron: <0.3 ppm (0.3 mg / l)
  • Hardness: <120 ppm
  • % UVT:> 75% (send a sample c / o our site and you will have the free measurement of UVT)