UV-C Boxes and Cabinets

UV-C Boxes and Cabinets

Our UV-C boxes and cabinets are extremely versatile and powerful ways of ensuring sterile environments without human error or physical damage to the products.

They have been used to sterilize medical tools, face masks, and are even safe to use on electronic devices such as mobile phones.

Unlike traditional cleaners, no microorganism is resistant to our UV-C light technology, which is 99.9% effective at destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, mites, and more at a genetic level.

With the widest product range on the market of boxes and cabinets that are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain, thousands of businesses trust our products every day to keep them safe. Contact our team now for a free consultation on what is best for you needs.

All ultraviolet disinfection products pose a UV radiation hazard. Use only as directed. Protect eyes and skin from exposure to UV light.