UVC for Facilities

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UV-C for Facilities

Here at Light Progress, we’ve worked with thousands of facilities of every size and shape across Europe for over 30 years to develop the best cutting-edge solutions to keep millions of people safe.

With over 200 proprietary products, we have the most products on the market- and a team of experts who can oversee the design and installation of a custom solution for your facility.

At an efficiency rate higher than 99.9% in seconds, our UV-C products are extremely effective at sterilizing conditions for any facility, while maintaining low energy demands and being eco-friendly. Maintenace is kept as low as possible, typically requiring a bulb change once a year.

All our products are made in Italy, and retain the highest international certification standards on the market.


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All ultraviolet disinfection products pose a UV radiation hazard. Use only as directed. Protect eyes and skin from exposure to UV light.