UV-TEAM-A-4P range is applied on food products transport and packaging lines such as: flow pack, thermoforming machines, sieves, cooling tunnel, automatic weighing and more in general transport belts, as well as treating also the food products, decontaminating from germs the surfaces of belts, products, packages, etc.

It is shown that the control and the increase of hygiene level allows a consequent and general increase in quality both in healthcare facilities but also in pharmaceutical sector, in microbiological laboratories, etc.

Some application examples are treatment in bottling lines and the down channel plugs; treatment of products being placed on the clean room (using a UV tunnel that allows you to enter products in protected environments by eliminating any risk of contamination) treatment of spices (tunnel with Shaving system thin layer, reduction of the bacterial load and increase the shelf-life).

The UV-TEAM-A series includes special amalgam lamps. This type of bulbs, unlike the standard low pressure UV-C lamps, use a special “amalgam” made with metals, which optimize the UV germicidal power efficiency. Amalgam systems allows triple the UV-C emission compare to a low pressure lamp with the same length, and up to 18.000 hours life that guarantee a consequent cost saving.

Amalgam lamps are perfect in application where there is a short timing of exposition, such as in some food packaging lines.


The UV-TEAM-A-4P series includes 4 models of direct radiation modules from 3 to 6 lamps for application in production lines and food packaging.
For system control and power supply, it is necessary to combine it to our MASTER-TMA control board to which they are connected one or more modules by multipolar prewired cables with quick connection multipolar plugs.

Control boards have a frontal synoptic panel for every single UV-C lamp correct operative control, equipped with a LED for each installed lamp.

Control boards can also be equipped with a PLC (optional) electronic control system and LCD viewer, which also expects hour counter, ignitions counter, single exhausted lamp and faulty lamp alarm, lamps automatic switching off in case of protections opening, delayed shutdown in case of machine stop and other features depending on application type.

UV-TEAM-A-4P is completely made in Italy, with high quality and extremely resistant materials.

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