Applied inside FAN COILS, or in narrow spaces inside small ductless systems, such as split and mini-split, UV-STYLO-F helps to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) eliminating the microbial load and the spreading and distribution of hazardous and annoying pathogens inside buildings.

Fan coils are normally equipped with a low efficiency filtration system that is not enough to ensure the air cleanliness.

Air cooling is particularly at risk because heat exchange produces humidity and condensation that promotes the distribution of contaminants, diseases spreading and molds proliferation.

IAQ increases in hotels, offices, patient rooms, schools, etc. and comfort level improvement comes together with less operative costs: a cleaner fan coil is also more efficient from an economic point of view with better heating, cooling and humidification performances.

As a matter of fact, using UVGI the need of maintenance operations and manual cleaning of inner surfaces is less necessary than usual.

With UV-STYLO-F you obtain a deep and continuous disinfection and cleaning of your fan coil, without the use of expensive and polluting chemicals, , in few words with UV-STYLO-F you have better comfort for people in the building, saving money.


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UV-STYLO-F series  includes a choice of different models designed for the application in very narrow spaces (fan coils).  The device consists of a triangular frame in stainless steel AISI 304 in which is housed a UV-C lamp protected by a pure quartz sleeve. Quartz sleeve has the dual function of protecting the UV-C lamp by temperatures changes, creating a sort of air buffer that optimizes the performance of UV-STYLO-F. The power supply cable comes out from the other end, plugs are quick-connection. The system is IP40 protection.  Ballasts are specific for Light Progress UV-C lamps, optimizing their performance and durability. UV-STYLO-F is made with high quality and extremely durable components, and works perfectly in difficult operating conditions (high humidity, low temperature, etc.).