UV-STYLO-A-NX can be installed in places where space is very limited, for example for the disinfection of packaging film, conveyors, bottling lines for disinfection of bottles and their closing capsules, as well as the treatment of the same food products, for decontamination from germs of any surfaces i.e. conveyor belts, products, packaging, etc. UV-STYLO-A-NX is designed specifically for applications in the food industry, and that is why one of its features is also the IP68 protection level, allowing it to combine perfectly with damp environments and water splashes. Traditional cleaning methods are, often, not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene. As a matter of fact, food processes have the need to be controlled, by monitoring hygiene levels, to keep very high quality standards. The – A series includes special amalgam lamps. This type of bulbs, unlike the standard low pressure UV-C lamps, use a special “amalgam” made with metals, which optimize the UV germicidal power efficiency. Amalgam systems allows triple the UV-C emission compare to a low pressure lamp with the same length, and up to 16.000 hours life that guarantee a consequent cost saving. Amalgam lamps are perfect in application where there is a short timing of exposition, such as in some food packaging lines. High disinfection levels of UV-STYLO-A-NX can be otherwise achieved but only with the use of chemicals, hazardous to health and harmful to the environment, as well as costly.


UV-STYLO-A-NX consists of a stainless Steel AISI 304 container, with ultra compact dimensions, internally coated with mirror bright aluminum, specific for high UV reflection. The container houses a UV-C lamp, protected by a pure quartz sleeve. The whole system is watertight (IP68). Quartz also performs the important function of protecting the UV-C lamp from high and low temperatures, creating an air cushion between the lamp and the external environment, thus increasing UV-C output. A cylinder made of insulating material attached to the steel base supports the quartz and contains the electrical connection between the lamp and the power cable. UV-STYLO-A-NX can be combined with other modules for disinfection in “team” (battery), is available in various lengths and wattages to meet the different use requirements. It is possible to choose between a “naked ballast” or to add a control panel to check operation, alarms and hour-counter  separately. (MASTER-STY) (optional). UV-STYLO-A-NX is ready to use and does not require any special maintenance, except for the periodical replacement of the lamps. UV-STYLO-A-NX is entirely manufactured in Italy, with high quality and extremely resistant materials.

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