Applied inside AHU (Air Handling Unit), UV-STICK-SCR eliminates viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores and inhibits their dangerous proliferation in Air Conditioning Systems.
UV-STICK-SCR is the simplest, most flexible and more efficient device to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), but also save energy consumption and maintenance costs in HVAC Systems.
Its germicidal power cleans and purifies all surfaces inside A.C., where usually an unpleasant biofilm covers and adheres on every mechanical component, penetrates inside every little interstice, grow in between coil fins, settles on water tanks and spreads freely all over the air along A.C. ducts.

Legionella Pneumophila, Tuberculosis, Flu Viruses and other common pathogens are usually free to proliferate inside HVAC, with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) cause of Asthma, Allergies, the so called “Sick Building Syndrome” and “Monday Fever”. In hospitals risks increase with Cross Contamination and Healthcare Associated Infection.

UV-STICK-SCR application is important not only for IAQ, but a cleaner AC system is also more efficient from an economic point of view, with less operative and maintenance costs. As a matter of fact, using UVGI the need of filters replacement and chemical clean of inner surfaces is less necessary than usual.

Other benefits are the optimized level of energy consumption, reduction of air flow losses, in few words with UV-STICK-SCR you have better comfort for people in the building, saving money.


V-STICK-SCR is a compact size device with a great germicidal power. This series is available both in Stainless Steel and in Anodized Aluminum and includes lamps from 50 to 160 cm length.
Inside its body, with IP55 protection, UV-STICK-SCR contains a special ballast which optimize lamps output and life.

Every device has its own reflector, parabolic or not, to increase Germicidal Irradiation and direct all UV-C rays towards the surface that has to be treated. UV-STICK-SCR it is made with high quality material and very resistant components, and for these reasons it works perfectly in stressing environments (high Humidity, Low or High Temperature).

Its design allow an homogeneous disinfection treatment even inside small and very inaccessible space, such as in between coil fins and inside filters texture. Serial connection of more than 10 devices is possible just through 1 single power supply cable, and installation is easy in combination with the Light Progress original adaptable mounting kit.


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