UV-PIPE-F system is very simple, versatile and adaptable to different types of applications, from conveyor belts to silos, containers, food storage in general, and anywhere control is required as for hygiene level in a deep manner owing to an all-round radiation of the surfaces.

UV-PIPE-F is designed specifically for applications in the food industry, and that is why one of its features is also the IP65 protection level, allowing it to combine perfectly with damp environments and water splashes.
Traditional cleaning methods are, often, not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene. As a matter of fact, food processes and storage have the need to be kept under control, by monitoring hygiene levels, to increase quality standards, which are usually very high.

It is shown how, in the food industry, an increased hygiene level allows a consequent and general product quality improvement.



UV-PIPE-F consists of a UV-C radiation emitter bulb protected by a sleeve in pure quartz and a nylon cylinder containing the power supply. After the quartz, a stainless steel AISI 304 flange allows a simple installation. The whole system is watertight (IP65). Quartz also performs the important function of protecting the UV-C lamp from high and low temperatures, creating an air cushion between the lamp and the external environment, thus increasing output. UV PIPE is available in various lengths and wattages, to meet the different use requirements. The special construction materials make it possible to use it even in aggressive environments. The UV-PIPE-F is ready to use and does not require any special maintenance, except for the periodical replacement of the lamps. The UV-PIPE-F is entirely manufactured in Italy, with high quality and extremely resistant materials.

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