The UV-FLOW series includes UV-C ultraviolet germicidal devices with unidirectional flow. The UV-FLOW is used for creating UV germ protection barriers to be placed above the doors of the premises with contamination control or even for the treatment of air upper layers in the environment and in closed premises. The use of UV-FLOW allows an intensive air disinfection, essential in all health and pharmaceutical environments, where it is necessary to operate in optimal microbiological conditions. In the health sector, it is recommended to create a decontamination area between two different areas, especially if one of them is to be kept under strict microbiological control. The mold spores and bacteria, freely circulating among spaces, are destroyed by the UV-C rays; this avoids the possibility that they settle on the surfaces.

Traditional cleaning methods are, often, not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene.


UV-FLOW series includes the possibility to choose among unidirectional flow devices, different according to the UV-C lamp powers. UV-FLOW has a stainless steel structure and is equipped with a directional black honeycomb filter, which channels the flow of UV rays. The installation, owing to special brackets that direct the flow can be made so to form a “UV blade”, which, starting from the device, radiates towards the floor (UV-C barrier) or towards the ceiling if the top layers of the room are to be treated. Pointing it towards the ceiling achieves a persistant disinfection of the environmental air, which circulates naturally inside the spaces, following normal convective motions. UV-FLOW series is the only one to be specifically designed with this double purpose. UV-FLOW does not require any special maintenance, except for the periodical replacement of the lamps, it is entirely built in Italy, with high quality and extremely resistant materials.

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