UV-BOX can help preserve the hygiene of tools, containers and of any type of equipment in the health sector.  As a matter of fact, commonly used objects in the health sector have the need to be disinfected to maintain high hygiene and quality standards, typical of this sector.  With UV-BOX, it is possible to perform the disinfection of equipment and tools in a simple, immediate and safe way, without developing heat, without using liquids and without any contraindications.   The box is equipped with two UV-C lamps, installed in opposite positions, one on the top and one on the bottom, in order to radiate all surfaces to be disinfected and without any shadows. Moreover, the internal reflection increases the irradiation power, managing to significantly lower the exposure time required.

The use of the UV-BOX is indicated when it is required to preserve the sterility of the tools, even hours after washing, so that they can be used safely during operations. It is shown that the control and the increase of hygiene level allows a consequent and general increase in quality both in healthcare facilities but also in pharmaceutical sector, in microbiological laboratories, etc.


UV-BOX-E2 / 40H is a table container in extruded aluminum, coated with epoxy powders and equipped with a flat stainless steel grid to support objects and tools to be disinfected. This grid supports the stored items minimizing shadows and with very short exposure times. UV-BOX-E2 / 40H is equipped with two 40 W UV lamps.The door has a clear window made in a special anti-uv polycarbonate and a position switch for turning off  the lamps at door opening. To start disinfection you just need to start the chronometer (door must be closed), UV lamps will switch ON. If you open the door during disinfection lamps will be immediately turned OFF for safety reasons; when you close the door lamps will turn automatically ON until the end of time set by chronometer. UV-BOX-E2 / 40H is ready for use and does not require any special maintenance except for the periodical replacement of the lamps, it is entirely built in Italy, with high quality and extremely resistant materials.

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