Installed inside the humidifier collection tanks (Cooling System) Air Handling Units (A.H.U.) UV-STYLO-E sanitizes the water recirculation system. UV-C treatment in water inhibits the proliferation of viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores, very harmful to health, which commonly proliferate inside Air Conditioning Systems.

UV-STYLO-E has been designed to sanitize water directly within basins, sinks, washing systems, etc. totally submerging the device (up to 10 m) or under water splashes.

Most of the time inside the tank containing the percolating water, which is used to be sprayed in the evaporative panels, there, are sedimentation of mold and algae, and the interior surfaces are covered with an unpleasant biofilm. The most risky case is that there could be also deadly pathogens such as Legionella Pneumophila, for which there are several hundred deaths cases per year.

This happens because the water sprayed inside AC system spreads airborne diseases inside buildings, through infectious particles breathable in air.

UV-STYLO-E avoid also so called “Sick Building Syndrome”, “Monday Fever”, Asthma and Allergies, it allows the control of Hygiene high standards in Food industry and fights against Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) in hospitals. UV-STYLO-E application is important for not only IAQ and health, but a cleaner AC system is also more efficient from an economic point of view, with less operative and maintenance costs.

As a matter of fact, using UVGI the need of filters replacement and clean of inner surfaces is less necessary than usual. With UV-STYLO-E you obtain a deep and continuous disinfection and cleaning of your AC system, without the use of expensive and polluting chemicals, , in few words with UV-STYLO-E you have better comfort for people in the building, saving money.


UV-STYLO-E family includes a choice of models from 23 to 160 cm in length. The device consists of a triangular frame in stainless steel AISI 304 which is housed in a UV-C lamp protected by a pure quartz sleeve.
At one end a plastic cylinder supports the quartz and contains electrical connections too. The quartz sleeve has the dual function of protecting the UV-C lamp from low temperatures, creating a sort of air buffer that optimizes the performance of UV-STYLO-E.

The system is IP68, 10 m water resistant. Ballasts inserted directly inside are specific for Light Progress UV-C lamps, optimizing their performance and durability.
UV-STYLO-E is made with high-quality and extremely durable components and works perfectly in difficult operating conditions (high humidity, low temperature, etc.).

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