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Like many companies, we were founded in 1987 and is headquartered in beautiful Tuscany,  Italy. Two friends who began to study the possibility of solving the problem of microbial contamination in environments without the use of chemicals. The idea is to use C-band Ultraviolet Rays, known for their Germicidal properties.

UV-C as a germicidal technology solutions was early allowing for our founders to led in pioneering research studies across industrial applications. Our heritage in exploring, analyzing and certifying effective and cost effective innovation germicidal ultraviolet rays. 

The results are immediately surprising, and, from the pioneering research, the real production of our germicidal ultraviolet rays units for air treatment begins.

With over 200 proprietary anti-microbial UV-C products used by 1000s of leading companies across food production, healthcare and pharmaceutical verticals our heritage and in-depth knowledge research and testing has shaped global Germicidal Ultraviolet Technology into a proved and effective solution.

Light Progress has deep experience in manufacturing thousands of of UV-C applications sold around the world in serving, Health, Food & Beverage and Building Material industries.  

Light Progress quality is certified ISO 9001:2015.


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