UV for Schools

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Featured Project: PACE University

Each day in the United States, roughly 56.6 million students attend public and private elementary, middle, and high school schools. Along with the additional 7 million staff members, students and employees are constantly susceptible to infectious illnesses like influenza and the common cold, which are transmitted via airborne and surface pathogens.

As hygiene professionals, we recommend UVC technology for schools for improved air quality. Hand sanitizers and traditional cleaning methods are important but can only go so far- and don't do anything to sterilize airborne pathogens. Even if janitorial staff get through cleaning the entire school once per day, they would still miss a huge number of potential transmission points through physical surfaces, the air, and liquids.

In short, if your school's hygiene protocols are only cleaning what your eyes can see- then you're leaving huge gaps. Invisible pathogens travel in the air, in people, in fabrics, and in the filters of your ventilation systems. No amount of hand sanitizer or doorknob disinfection is going to solve that.

At Light Progress, we have decades of experience making children and adults safe in airplanes, surgical wards, and infectious disease laboratories. These products have also been used in schools too, creating better full-end indoor air quality. We use UV for infection control, including fans, UV in HVAC, and upper-air UV to make schools safer, and stop the spread of viruses, bacteria, molds, spores, and mites.

Your UVC Solutions for Schools Include:

  • UV Fans
  • UV for HVAC Portfolio
  • UV Flow for upper air
  • UV Boxes and Cabinets
  • UV Water
  • UV Direct Lights for locker rooms
  • UV Mobile
  • UV Penta

How We Apply UVC For Schools

We get it; schools are filled with germs. Ask any seasoned teacher, and they will testify to students being a veritable petri-dish.  Kids cough and sneeze and spread pathogens to one another.  While we can’t eliminate flu season, we can significantly aid in infection control. Preventing illness is the best way to protect students, faculty, and staff members at a school.

UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) is a disinfection method that uses UV-C light to kill harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Upper-air UV-C units have been in use in classrooms for decades. At Light Progress, we’re using advanced UV for infection control to create a safer, healthier school environment.

Our systems work by creating an extermination zone in the top area of a space. Our systems are designed to help lift airborne infectious agents into the air, where they are exposed to UV light and killed. By killing the pathogens that circulate through the air at a school, we can help reduce, and in some cases, block dangerous pathogens from accumulating on or flowing in school air and surfaces.

How Does it Work?

Our UVGI technology systems were created to destroy bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens at the source, at its very DNA (or RNA) chain, and eliminate the pathogen's ability to reproduce. The germicidal effects of the UV-C radiation kill spores, mildew, parasites, viruses, and bacteria. UV lights give off lightwaves at the UV-C spectrum- so they don’t contain any harmful chemicals like other disinfectants that can eventually lead to long-term health damage. It's also the most effective UV light in killing pathogens. UVGI in schools is the easiest, safest way to battle microorganisms without creating any resistance.

How We Combat Pathogens With your HVAC Systems

Air-conditioning systems, and especially air handling units (AHU) are a perfect breeding ground for microbial organisms, pathogens, spores, molds, and more. Air recirculation, temperature fluctuations, and humidity allow microorganisms to connect and stick to surfaces inside the ventilation system. They create an unpleasant film called biofilm that can clog the filters and ducts, and can reduce system efficiency up to 40%. We’re committed to keeping our customers safe. Our UVC lights have a long history of demonstrated ability to kill organic growths, like mold and bacteria, and prevent biofilm buildup on the cooling coils, drain pans, and interior duct surfaces. This improves air quality, airflow, reduces maintenance, and keeps down disease transmission and allergic reactions.

Why Choose Us?

At Light Process, we’re committed to making better hygiene obtainable for all. School systems need to be better protected against harmful germs and bacteria. We’re here to make a major impact on the air quality of your school. Installation is simple and our systems are a cost-effective way for schools to improve indoor air quality without destroying the heating/cooling efficiency of the HVAC by opening windows or bleeding more outside air into the existing HVAC air flow in order to increase the number of fresh air exchanges.

By killing the harmful pathogens in the air, our systems can help kill 90 percent of all microorganisms living in air ducts. Our systems never stop working either; we don’t turn it off and back on. UV-C will continue to destroy pathogens 24/7 as air cycles through our air handling unit.

We’re here to work with you. We’ll find a solution that fits your needs, goals, and requirements. Our team of experts has worked with small and large educational facilities. UV germicidal technology is safe for all ages. From daycare centers to college campuses, we can help get your air quality up to par.


All ultraviolet disinfection products pose a UV radiation hazard. Use only as directed. Protect eyes and skin from exposure to UV light.