UVC Disinfection for Packaging and Surface Disinfection

UVC Disinfection for Packaging & Surface Disinfection

Since 1887, Light Progress has been developing and manufacturing UVC disinfection technology specifically for use within the food sector to improve product quality and control hygiene in production processes. Our products are the result of a dialogue and partnership with the food sector- we've listened and created UVC products that make your job easier and your food better.

Using Microbial reduction in production processes

UVC for food production systems light progress USAContamination control in any food or packaging production phase is fundamental, from the field to the chopping board. As vast and varied as the food and beverage industry is- good hygiene practices will always lead to good quality products. Preventing food-borne illness, cross-contamination or allergens, mold, or food waste is crucial- but on a day-to-day basis, there are deadlines to keep and relationships to manage. We're here to help design thoughtful and industrious solutions that work hard at every touchpoint on your facility, so you can focus on the things you need to.

uvc disinfection of production systems

Take a moment to consider how versatile it is to clean things with lights. We use Ultraviolet light from the C-spectrum, which is the most effective spectrum for disinfection, to sterilize air, water, and physical surfaces in health care facilities and infectious disease labs.

Over the last few decades, our mission to make the world a safer place through the use of these versatile UVC light production has led us to partner with leaders in the food industry all throughout Europe. Over time, we've created over 200 proprietary products in applying UVC sterilization technologies to the food industry because it is economic, effective, and versatile method in both improving food safety and quality.

Our UVC disinfection products have been trusted by thousands of businesses all over the world to kill bacteria, viruses, cysts, mold, and yeasts without generating resistant forms, a common feature of chemical disinfectants and antibiotics. Our clients have used them to treat incoming raw materials, existing air ventilation systems (where mold and bacteria develop), packaging surfaces, and beverage canning systems.”

UVC lights, if installed optimized and installed correctly, have been documented to kill common pathogens like E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria which can reduce risks for food poisoning, and extend shelf-life which maximizes safety and efficiency.

Light Progress product fixtures are designed to be small and robust meaning they don't take up much space and will not disrupt your current systems of operations. They also require low electrical power, are mercury-free, require no warm-up or start-up time, and have an incredible lifetime of use. They're perfect for cold storage- and studies show that UVCs increase power output as temperatures approach freezing.  Our products are designed to be incredibly efficient- with powerful outputs while using up low energy.

Any point in the food and beverage value chain can be improved by using UVC disinfection technology; packaging factories and small restaurants can all benefit. Due to the diversity of needs and processes in every food production facility, we have over 300 products that can make all your food contact and non-contact points safer.

Connect with us to discuss your food contact and non-contact points, describe your facility, and let us know about your needs.

For more information about how UVC works check out our UV Education or "How it works" page.


UVC disinfection over time


The UVC method maintains the ideal hygienic conditions in food production processes, both in the presence and absence of personnel and in all the different production and conservation phases.


Our team of experts collaborates with large and small food companies, from production to distribution, to obtain excellent results. We will help you in choosing the right product from our range of over 200 proprietary systems, offering you the most suitable custom solution to meet your needs.


UVC rays eliminate bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, molds, and mites without generating resistant forms, a common feature of chemical disinfectants and antibiotics. It also guarantees the quality of food products, significantly extending their shelf-life.


UVC devices interact with cleaning operations, increasing their effectiveness and requiring no maintenance, except for the the annual replacement of the lamps.


It takes seconds to obtain microbial reductions of over 99%. UV-C treatment, unlike the ionizing rays (gamma), does not even have to be indicated on the label.

Light Progress offers real solutions to contamination problems

We transform simple UVC sources, such as:

  • low-pressure lamps
  • medium pressure lamps
  • amalgam lamps
  • LED

in special systems designed to be applied in different contexts, ensuring effectiveness, ease of use and safety both for the quality of the products and for the staff.


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All ultraviolet disinfection products pose a UV radiation hazard. Use only as directed. Protect eyes and skin from exposure to UV light.