UV-C Within Healthcare Applications

UV-C Within Healthcare Applications

Lakeway Urgent Care with Light Progress UVC lights
Featured Project: Lakeway Urgent Care

Hygiene in healthcare facilities is paramount. It is also the most fertile ground on which to develop issues regarding the spread of viruses, bacteria, molds, spores, and mites. And even though healthcare professionals are educated and diligent in sanitary measures, administrators can still always do more to keep them and their beneficiaries safe.

Infections arising during hospital stays or even after patients’ releases (HAIs – healthcare-associated infections) are the most frequent and serious complications in the healthcare field. Concern with infections on implanted medical devices is common. And antibiotic-resistant strains can outpace our ability to develop new antibiotics.


Our expert team works with both big and small healthcare facilities. We will help you to choose the best product between our complete range of over 200 different models offering you the perfect solution that will satisfy your needs.

HAIs have a cost in health, as well from an economic point of view. UVGI can easily be installed in your current systems, such as your air ventilators or cold rooms. Most of our products only require one bulb change every year in maintenance, meaning you can focus on getting your job done. When you do have to switch out the bulb, the UV-C systems are instantly operational.

Light Progress offers solutions.

We turn simple UV-C sources, such as low/medium pressure lamps, amalgams, and into special devices and systems, specific to be applied in different healthcare contexts ensuring the efficacy, simpleness, and safety for both patients and employees.