UV-C Solutions for Transit

Atlanta Airport Light Progress UVC Lights
Featured Project: Atlanta Airport

UV-C Solutions for Transit

Our UV-C transit systems keep over 104 million passengers safe every year at the Atlanta airport. In busy areas where there is constant traffic, UV-C lights, fans, and water systems can work 24-7 with minimal annual maintenance.

Any amount of traditional wipe-downs with chemical cleaners are only short-term fixes against a constant wave of microorganism influxes not just from passengers, but the buses own internal systems.

Assembled in Italy, utilizing 30 years of experience to create the latest generation of highly efficient UV-C systems, Light Progresses repertoire of over 200 proprietary products allows us to custom-solve hygiene solutions for any transit needs. No matter how many people, where they move, and how long they stay- our heavy-duty systems are at the technological forefront.

Light Progress systems are tough enough to resist vibration and moisture in vehicles. All our systems, especially LED, require low energy inputs to operate, and reach full output with no warm-up time. No matter the weather conditions in temperature or humidity, our products work optimally.

With thousands of hours of lifespan, most our UV-C transit systems only require simple annual maintenance: change the bulb. Unlike older models with mercury bulbs, ours are safe for personnel to switch out, and are back to killing all pathogens within seconds.

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