UV-C for Entertainment

UV-C Entertainment Solutions

Location is everything for entertainment venues. Staying in trendy areas in historic buildings often mean venues rely on older air ventilation systems, which, entrenched into the architecture, are impossible to maintain high sanitation standards for.

Couple this with the constant influx of patrons, food and beverage, fabric seats, and other touch points can create optimal conditions for microorganisms to take root and proliferate. With some moisture, ventilation, and enough warmth, these microorganisms create biological systems on surfaces called biofilms- microscopic and expansive communities of baterica, mold, and other pathogens that organize and coordinate resources or information over generations- making them resistant to antibiotics, and many traditional cleaning agents. Some studies show bacteria are 1000 times more resistant to antibodies or cleaning agents in biofilms than alone.

Venues where people congregate with food, bringing in liquids and warmth, and are ventilated are perfect places for biofilm to grow. Though cleaning surfaces may prevent the build up of these communities, they are often forming where it’s harder to clean- drainpipes, air ventilation systems or filters or grout.

Over the years Light Progress has developed hundreds of products that come together to create cost effective solutions for our clients. UV-C fans and ventilation systems rotate air throughout the room and sterilize it, destroying biofilm and nearly all air-borne microorganisms. Our UV-C boxes and cabinets can sterilize items like tools, kitchenware, cash, or even electronics such as mobile devices. And our water systems work hard to purify water with no chemical additives or pollutants.

“All our UV-C systems use lightwaves from the C-spectrum of Ultraviolet light which kills nearly all pathogens unlike chemicals or antibiotics which have been shown to have problems with resistant or mutant strains of contaminants.

From cinemas, restaurants, to bowling alleys and arcades- all places where people congregate can benefit from more safety from disease, allergens, and toxins. If your guests don’t feel safe, they won’t be able to enjoy themselves. Please contact us today for a free consultation about your venue.

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All ultraviolet disinfection products pose a UV radiation hazard. Use only as directed. Protect eyes and skin from exposure to UV light.