Industry Applications

UV-C for Food Processing

Pathogen reduction is a consistent imperative in the Food Processing industry. One bad review for quality or recalls can result in a loss of reputation that will take a long time to recuperate.

UVC Food Processing Products

Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare environment the most sensitive industry regarding hygiene level control. As the most fertile ground for potential disease transmission, healthcare industries need to stay at the forefront of sterilization technologies to keep their employees and beneficiaries safe. We have worked closely with the healthcare industry to develop and manufacture UVC systems specifically for their varied needs and uses since 1987.

Infections arising inexplicably during hospital stays or even after patients' releases. Healthcare-associated infections are the most frequent and serious complications in the healthcare field.

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UVC for Transit

As the need for infectious disease controls rise, using smart UV-C technologies in transit systems is a highly effective solution to help protect the millions of people who rely on transit systems every day.

UVC Products for Transportation

Retail Solutions

Hygeine in retail environments has never been so important, but there is more to it than traditional disinfecting methods. Using our fans, lights, and other solutions across our +200 product range, you will be able to make your customers and employees confident that you are doing everything you can to help them feel safe.

UVC Retail Products

UVC for Schools

Using UV for infection control in schools is been gaining traction: administrators are looking for new ways to reduce disease transmissions. Active infection control protocols are on the rise, and UV light disinfection is at the forefront of the movement.

At Light Progress, we’re way ahead of the game. Our systems are designed to create better full-end indoor air quality.

UV-C School Products

Entertainment Disinfection

UVC technologies for the entertainment industry are incredible in making patrons feel confident and safe- essential prerequisites to being entertained. For crowds, closed air areas, and physical touch points of every size, Light Progress has helped it's clients become leaders in ensuring the safety of their guests.

UVC Entertainment Products

UVC for Food Production

Ask anyone how high hygiene should rank in the food production industry, and they'll say it should be at the top. But in the daily realities of food production, it often is overlooked due to more visible demands like deadlines, budgets, and relationship management. This can lead to foodborne illness, cross-contamination of allergens, or food waste. Here at Light Progress, we have 30 years of experience in designing UV-C technologies for the food industry that are incredibly thoughtful, industrious, and diligent, so you can be confident in your products from the second they arrive to when they go out to your clients.

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Any facility can benefit from the use of UVC technologies.

UVC for Facilities