UV-C Disinfection Solutions

Light Progress is the global leader in UVC disinfection with over 30 years of history and a portfolio with several hundred products. Principled in an evidence-based paradigm, using a comprehensive approach and collective knowledge base, we calculate the optimized UVC fluence for your customized application, whether using industry-leading plug-and-play devices or via an integrated Cloud-based IoT-enabled system. We take pride in leading the path forward to build energy efficiency standards, and mitigating expenditures for the personnel, products, and facilities to create better overall outcomes.

We haveĀ over 200 proprietary UV-C products trusted by thousands of leading global companies across every industry. Our applied research and testing have shaped global Ultraviolet Germicidal Technology into the trusted and effective industry solution it is today. Our comprehensive product range and specialized expertise have allowed us to design practical solutions for a broad spectrum of client needs.

Global Locations

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