Viruses, bacteria and mould, animal waste, mites and pollens are among the main causes of dangerous infections and allergies.
Each of these contaminants is dispersed in a different way: mites, spores, bacteria and mould, for example, are continuously transported by air, while other bacteria and viruses are “grouped” into solid particles, such as spores or drops of moisture, and then inhaled by humans.
In air conditioning systems, when contaminants get inside the air treatment unit (ATU) and air distribution ducts, the system, which is dark and moist, becomes a breeding ground for them to grow and multiply, making the air we breathe unsafe.
The air also contains concentrations of chemical pollutants which are dangerous if inhaled in large quantities or on a continuous basis.
Irradiating air in a central system or installing an air purifier complete with UV-C lamps and a TiOx titanium dioxide filter greatly reduces the likelihood that these pollutants (whether microbiological or physicochemical) will result in health problems that often can only be diagnosed after many years.