UVC Innovation Since 1987

We have over 200 proprietary anti-microbial UV-C products that are trusted by by thousands of leading global companies across food production, healthcare and pharmaceutical verticals. Our applied research and testing has shaped global Germicidal Ultraviolet Technology into the trusted and effective industry solution it is today.

Our wide product range and specialized expertise has allowed us to design effective solutions for a broad spectrum of client needs. With anti-microbial UVC technologies, never compromise on quality. Light Progress quality is consistently certified ISO 9001:2015.

UVGI Air Purifiers

Our UV-FANS deeply disinfects the air in any type of environment. Traditional cleaning methods cannot ensure high levels of air hygiene which can be achieved only by the use of UVC technology.


The National Health Institute has proven that HVAC units can get contaminated with bacteria and viruses, which can contribute to building-related infections or allergic reactions. A properly installed Ultraviolet Germicidal light (UVGI) is most effective for germicidal efficiency without any negative effects on people in the building.

UVGI Disinfection Boxes & Cabinets

UVC boxes and cabinets disinfects and ensures the sterility of the tools, medical masks, devices, and even personal items like keys, shoes, laptops, and phones.

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All ultraviolet disinfection products pose a UV radiation hazard. Use only as directed. Protect eyes and skin from exposure to UV light.